Staying Alive

I have been told that the way they teach CPR now is to do the chest compressions to the tune of the old Bee Gees song, “Staying Alive.” It works out really well. As you hum it in your head you get the rhythm and the goal all at the same time. 

The Lord Jesus has made us alive. He did this by His own resurrection. The power in Christ’s resurrection is power that makes the dead come to life. Jesus went from completely dead to completely alive. And He is “staying alive” to continue to rescue people to worship God. 

To do that, the Father and the Son have sent the Spirit who is called the life-giving Spirit. Spiritually speaking, we were completely dead and now we are completely alive. And we are “staying alive” by the same power that brought Jesus back to life. 

 “Staying alive” is the rhythm and the goal of the Christian life. It is the idea that your relationship remains vibrant and joyous encompassing all of life. The same gospel that saved you, keeps you living and thriving as a Christian.  

It is not that staying alive should be our goal as Christians. Staying alive is Christ’s goal for us. He is fully committed to you and will not settle for anything less than you flourishing as a Christian. That should give you tremendous confidence and security.  And in order to make sure you thrive, He has gifted you. 

So Christ’s goal is that you live abundantly. And to accomplish His goal He has created a rhythm to the Christian life. It is consistently, regularly, rehearsing the gospel to each other. It is giving and receiving forgiveness. It is enjoying God’s provision. It is celebrating our mutual relationship to our Father in heaven. It is working together to expand Christ’s kingdom. And it is serving one another in love. If you embrace the rhythm then the life is vibrant. If you don’t then “church” becomes boring. But that can be easily remedied. 

Christ made you alive. The Holy Spirit then gifted you to serve in a local body of Christians. Again, I encourage you to ask God, “In what ways would you like to use me?” Some of the new ideas that are coming out of our recent “Network” class are things like a more intentional mercy/outreach/serving ministry, more fully developed children’s ministry, greater strides in music ministry just to name a few. 

Where do you fit in? Pastor Jon or I would love to talk with you further about this. I just want you to understand that “staying alive” in Jesus’ idea is actively, intentionally giving yourself unreservedly to the One who made you alive in the first place. It is blooming where you are planted, embracing who God has made you to be. 

Easter is fast approaching. Jesus is alive to give life. So are you. How will you use life to give life to others in His Name.

Serving With You,