We exist because of your support! 

Our church operates because of generous gifts from its people.

We operate with financial transparency. Each year we present a budget for the upcoming year that reflects the priorities of our church and what we want to accomplish. We invite our people to contribute towards these goals. 

In order to maintain impartiality, our pastors don't know what people give. In the New Testament we see two principles for giving in the church: it should be done privately (Matt 6:1-4) and without compulsion (2 Cor 9:7). Because of this we don't ask for money during our service, but encourage people to decide on what they want to give.

Donations can be made online by clicking the link below. For money that you want to support our missions, please indicate that in the "Special Instructions" line.

Where does the money go?

financial information

Listed are the general categories for where the money goes we receive. If you have more questions feel free to contact us! 

Operations: These are administrative and miscellaneous costs needed to run the church. They include things like building expenses and utility bills. 

Worship: Worship is the heartbeat of our church. We become like what we worship and so we want to ensure our worship is transforming us to live more like Jesus. 

Discipleship: This includes materials, portions and staff salaries, and other things that help us people in the congregation follow Jesus more. 

Missions: This is money we give away to ministries outside the church. Visit our missions page to see some of what we support. 

Outreach: This is what we spend to help more people learn about our church and Jesus.