As a Presbyterian church we are lead by the session, not any one person. The session is made up of our elected pastors and elders. 

Jon Stoddard

Jon Stoddard – Pastor

Jon grew up in Colorado and moved around a good bit after high school. He has a degree in Information and Computer Science from Covenant College. He also spend eight years in the Marines. A year after getting out the Marines, Jon realized that his deployments to Iraq had significantly changed his life priorities, and it became clear that God was calling him to ministry. Jon graduated from Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia with a Masters of Divinity.

Jon loves skiing, backpacking, cycling, and hiking. In 2004, he backpacked the Colorado Trail, and in 2010, he rode his bike across the United States with a good friend from the Marines. He also enjoys reading and listening to music from NPR's All Songs Considered.

Jon is the author of Choosing a Church: A Biblical and Practical Guide and Computer Science: Discovering God's Glory in Ones and Zeros.

Jon is married to Lisa and they have four kids: Molly, Hannah, Haylee and Luke.

Email: jon@jordanvalleychurch.org

Bryan Lee – Pastor of Worship 

Bryan grew up in Colorado, where he loved spending time hiking and biking in the mountains. He received his degree in Biblical Studies from Covenant College in 2005. After working and traveling around the country as an electrician, he returned to Colorado where he married Melanie, also a graduate of Covenant College. Bryan graduated from Denver Seminary with an MA in Biblical Studies - Old Testament. 

Bryan loves playing guitar, playing outside, and reading G.K. Chesterton. He also works as an electrician at a local solar company. 

Bryan and Melanie have three sons, Oliver, Amos, and Isaiah.

Email: bryan@jordanvalleychurch.org



Our deacons serve by helping with the physical care of the congregation and church building. 

Matt Olson

Jeremy Winebrenner

Janene Day – Nursery Coordinator

Janene Day – Nursery Coordinator

Naomi Winebrenner – Office Administrator

Naomi Winebrenner – Office Administrator