As a Presbyterian church we are lead by the session, not any one person. The session is made up of our elected pastors and elders. 

Jon Stoddard

Jon Stoddard – Pastor

Hi there! I grew up in Colorado, but discovered Utah has all the stuff that makes Colorado great–I can ski in the winter and ride my bike and hike in the summer. I started out my career by studying Computer Science in college, but joined the Marines full-time when I graduated. While the Marines initially sent me to Hawaii, I soon found myself in much hotter and challenging places like Iraq. But it was through those dark times that God showed he would hold me fast, even when I couldn’t hold much together.

As I was getting out of the Marines, I got married to my wonderful wife Lisa, a nurse. After settling down in Denver, I realized God had used my time in Iraq to call me to full-time ministry. So we packed up and moved to Philadelphia so I could go back to school and learn fun things like Greek grammar and Hebrew verbs and how to be a pastor.

Lisa and I have four young kids that keep our arms full and life from ever being dull.

We moved to Utah in 2013 and I can’t think of a better place to serve as a Pastor. We’ve been blessed by having our parents move close by and Utah is our home. One of my favorite things is sitting down with people and wrestling with tough questions about faith and God. In fact, I wrote a book that tries to answer some of the common questions I get about church. I always enjoy meeting new people and would love to connect with you!

Feel free to contact me at: jon@jordanvalleychurch.org

Bryan Lee – Pastor of Worship 

Bryan grew up in Colorado, where he loved spending time hiking and biking in the mountains. He received his degree in Biblical Studies from Covenant College in 2005. After working and traveling around the country as an electrician, he returned to Colorado where he married Melanie, also a graduate of Covenant College. Bryan graduated from Denver Seminary with an MA in Biblical Studies - Old Testament. 

Bryan loves playing guitar, playing outside, and reading G.K. Chesterton. He also works as an electrician at a local solar company. 

Bryan and Melanie have three sons, Oliver, Amos, and Isaiah.

Email: bryan@jordanvalleychurch.org



Our deacons serve by helping with the physical care of the congregation and church building. 

Matt Olson

Jeremy Winebrenner

Janene Day – Nursery Coordinator

Janene Day – Nursery Coordinator

Naomi Winebrenner – Office Administrator

Naomi Winebrenner – Office Administrator