To whom much is given, much is required. (Luke 12:48) We have received much from Christ. At the top of the list, we have received the certain guarantee that we will be with him in his presence forever only because of his grace and the forgiveness of our sins.  We love him because he loved us first. We want others to know and love him as we have been privileged to do. It is our delight to reach out in our own neighborhoods and among our friends and families with the good news that Jesus forgives and saves anyone from anywhere who will humble him or herself and ask him. 

We also partner financially and prayerfully with other pastors, church-planters and missionaries who carry this same message of salvation by the grace of Christ alone. 

People and Ministries We Support

Sam and Melly Oluoach, Grace Baptist Church, Kisumu, Kenya

Robby and Lory Plemmons – CrossPoint Presbyterian Church, Park City, Utah

Doug and Kelly McNutt – Gospel Presbyterian Church, Herriman/Riverton, Utah

Rebecca Ludwick – Administrative Support/Discipleship, SLC, Utah

Brian and Nicole Tsui –  RUF San Jose State   Newsletter signup  here .

Brian and Nicole Tsui – RUF San Jose State

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Nick and Taylee Winder, Grace Church, Layton

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Mark and Melissa Peach – City Presbyterian Church, SLC, Utah

For each of these please pray that the Lord will:

  • Protect their families
  • Grow their gatherings 
  • Provide leadership in their ministries
  • Bless their outreach
  • Make these congregations people of prayer, devoted to God’s Word (The Bible)