There's No Place Like Home

One of the highlights of 2014 was moving into the home that Lisa and I had built in Daybreak. We loved the house design and location, but more than that, this house was the first place that we would call home. Since getting married, Lisa and I have moved around from Hawaii, to Colorado, Pennsylvania and now to Utah. Finally, we were settling down in a place where we had no plans to leave. We had dreams of raising our girls in this home and growing old together here. We were excited for a place to call home.
The theme of “home” is appropriate to talk about during the advent season. Our longing for home is stronger during the holidays. When introducing us to Jesus, John 1:18 says that Jesus Christ became flesh and dwelled among us. We could even translate this as Jesus became human and made his home us with. The first Christmas is a story of God making his home among humans.
Such an act is incredible! God left his heavenly home to live with humans. It would be like a monarch leaving the palace to go live among the poor. On earth, kings and rulers build homes that separate themselves from the common people. Walls, guards and gates are all used to keep that separation between the king and everyone else. But Jesus is unlike any earthly king. He tears down the barriers between heaven and earth. He rips the temple curtain open. He removes the separation between God and his people. Jesus makes his home with us!
When we look at Scripture we see that the theme of home runs from the beginning to the end. Eden was the first home that God made for humans. In Revelation 21-22 we read of a New Jerusalem where God lives in the midst of his people. We could even summarize Scripture by saying it is the story of God’s quest to make a forever home for his people.
I’m excited for you to join us as we look at this theme of home during our advent series. It’s a message of hope for everyone. It’s a message of hope for those who have broken homes–Jesus is making you a new home in heaven. It frees us from the pressures to make our homes look perfect–these homes are only a shadow of our eternal home. It reminds us of God’s incredible love–that the king would want to make his home with us.
I’d encourage you to be praying for people in your life who need to hear this message about God’s love and then take the opportunity to invite them to one of our services. See what we will be studying each week at
In Christ,
Pastor Jon

Naomi Winebrenner