Friend Day!

Join us this Sunday August 30th! 

Thinking about going back to church? Perhaps you've never been, but are interesting in learning more. Perhaps you're just looking for some new friends. This is a great Sunday to come and check things out! 

Join us this Sunday for a worship service that lasts just over an hour. We guarantee you'll find a group of people that will welcome you with open arms. Dress is casual. 

The theme for this friend day is "someone worth waiting for." We all wait for things, but are they worth it? Is anything worth waiting your whole life for? How do we wait well? Jesus has an answer for us, and he is worth waiting for. Come this Sunday to learn why. 

Lunch follows!

Stick around afterwards for lunch! We've got some great cooks in the church and we would love to share our food with you! See you Sunday at 9:45am!


Jonathan Stoddard